Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What we've been up to. . .

So I haven't felt much like blogging lately and then when I did there was so much to write about. So I decided a condensed version was best since my to do list keeps growing each day.
On Nov. 21 was my dad's birthday. My dad is the strong silent type who has a heart bigger than his body. He will drop everything to help someone out. Growing up even though my dad worked long hours to provide for us he was always helping out in any way he could. I remember when there was a hurricane coming and where was dad-out in the neighborhood making sure everyone was okay.
A few things I love about my dad:
*he loves the gospel
*he taught us the value of hard work by example
*to hear him sing
*he adores my mom
*loves and knows his family history
*his laugh
The picture above was taken by a wonderful family friend. He does amazing work, check him out here.
Thanksgiving was wonderful. It was the perfect day-we slept in a little, cooked a boat load of yummy food, watch the parade and some football, ate, slept, and ate some more.
The next day Dave left for a couple of days to visit his parents in California. He had a wonderful time. He has the most amazing parents!!

This year Kawika was in the Geography Bee at school. He's been in the Spelling Bee the last few years but this was the first for the Geography Bee. The principal warned us at the beginning that the questions were really hard and that even she wouldn't know a lot of them. And she wasn't kidding. If you got two questions wrong you were eliminated, after the first 2 rounds 7 out of 10 were eliminated. Kawika was one of the 3 left. Then the person who came in 3rd was eliminated. That left Kawika and one other boy. In the final round they were each asked questions and if one answered wrong and the other right then that person won. They were asked probably 7 or 8 and finally the other boy answered correctly and won. We were so proud of Kawika he did awesome!!!! The funniest part was at the end when they were congratulating the other boy for winning and let him know that over Christmas break he would be studying to take a test to qualify for the state level. This boys jaw dropped to the floor-his expression said it all-Are you kidding me I just won and my prize is studying!! I looked over at Kawika and he had a smirk on his face that said Whew, I'm glad I got 2nd place!

That night we had a party to celebrate. I made a cake and we gave him a box of nerd candies. I thought I did pretty good at my little globe cake-but don't look to closely I'm sure it's not that geographically correct.