Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just what the Doctor ordered!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!! I must say I am so grateful for my mom! She has taught me by the way she lives her life where true happiness comes from! And that by prayer, faith, and trust everything always works out! I am also so grateful to have an amazing mother in law(that sounds weird I just call her mom too)! She has inspired us to strive to live better and to trust Heavenly Father! We love them both more than words can say! Happy Mother's Day moms!
This year we knew Sunday would be extra busy so we celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday at our house!
This is what I woke up to-

I didn't know doctors still made house calls. As they were waking me up I heard Dave say "Yup she doesn't look so good. I think she's sick." Each of the doctors proceeded to check me out and unanimously agreed that I was not doing well and that they were giving orders to stay in bed and rest all day. It was as Kaili described it "Happy Sick Day!" Dave took my canning lids and poked a hole, stuck a brad through them and attached them to ribbon-very official doctor looking stuff. They each had and instrument to check the patient with-Kawika had a stethoscope, Kalani had a breathing thingamajigger(very technical name I know), Kaili had a thermometer, and Kalei had pills(yummy whopper candy) for me to take.
Here is Kaili checking my temperature!

Kawika was very concerned because he couldn't find my heartbeat!

Here are all of the doctors!(Kalei's light even came on-haha)

What a fun bunch of kids and a great husband!! I had a great day! They cleaned the house while I was on bed rest-they even bought me a craft magazine to read so I wouldn't get bored!

Dave said the idea came after our whole family was sick at Easter. After taking care of so many sick people for so long I had a pity party and told Dave that I just wanted to be sick for one day and have someone take care of me! They surely did and it was wonderful! The best part was I didn't even have to deal with any of the sick stuff-I just got to relax and play!

The Art of TPing

We've been working on the potty training thing for a while and Kalei is getting much better. I sent her to use the bathroom the other night and when I cam back to check on her this is what I found. Is this a sign of things to come- perhaps the neighbors yard when this child is a teenager? I guess she has to start somewhere! She said she was hiding the stool. I guess I can be grateful that all the TP(she finished the roll) didn't end up in the toilet and cause a major mess!

P.S. Don't mind my nasty linoleum(is that how you spell it?) floor it doesn't look clean no matter how hard I scrub it(I guess I can't lie I should say no matter how hard my husband scrubs it! He just really is too nice to me!)

Excited for summer!!

The other day as I was working on the computer and the girls went exploring in the house and found our huge beach umbrella and all of the beach and pool toys. They were so excited and put on their swimsuits and played under that umbrella forever! They were so cute! We had a picnic lunch and enjoyed talking about the fun things we can do this summer, namely swim. Poor Kalei can't understand when she can't go to the pool yet! The Arizona heat will come soon enough!

My bathing beauties! I laugh every time I see this! They giggled a lot at each other too.

We're excited school will be out soon and we can have fun going to the pool and having fun together! Hopefully this lame mom can come up with a few exciting things to do!

Monday, May 5, 2008

How old were you?

We were taking our kids to our date night babysitting group(which we love) and Kawika was telling Kalani that he was 11 when he had done something(I can't remember what it was).
Kalani - "Are you sure you were 11 and not 10?"
Kawika - "Well maybe I was in my late tens."
I looked at Dave and kind of smirked.
Kawika - "What's so funny?"
Which made me giggle even more.
Kawika - "People say late twenties!"
Dave - "That means like 28."
Kawika - "Oh, then I guess it was my late ones."
That made us all cracked up, especially Kalani who was laughing as hard as my mom does! It's so fun laugh with them! I don't do it often enough!