Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yoga or something like that

Often times when the kids play with Dave they get pretty rowdy. He is just too much fun! There's a lot of chasing, tickling, screaming, wrestling, and anything else that entails fun and laughter. So to get them to calm down he has them sit down and do I guess you could call the Brubaker version of Yoga or meditation. Now keep in mind that my husband is the instructor. . .

See he starts out with good intentions of calming them down. . . looking good girls-can you feel the calmness and peace washing over you?

Then it moves straight to silliness again.

Good thing all their silliness is gone. ;)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Band-aid can fix anything, anywhere. . .

Even an owee on your ear :)
(silly girl, as long as it makes you feel better)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fall Festival

We went to the Fall Festival at my kids school on the 8th(I know I'm behind). The weather was perfect and the kids had a great time. Kawika and Kalani both brought friends which they were very excited about. Kawika and Kyle both spent a bunch of tickets at this game.
Kyle with a nice jump shot.
Kawika shooting a basket.

Kalani and David

Kalei was so excited to ride on the pony(although I didn't capture that in a picture).

Kaili and Kalei had fun on the bounce obstacle courses.

Last year at the festival Kawika and Kyle each won 4 2-liter bottles of soda at the ring toss. They have been planing all year long to go back to the ring toss and set a world record of most soda won at one festival. But they made the game harder this year so they didn't set any records but still came away with 6 bottles of soda! They were so excited! All in all the kids had a great time at the festival and overloading on treats(anybody want them for a bit while they're on a sugar high?)

She's finally lost it!!!

Her first tooth that is. . .HOORAY!!!

That tooth has been hangin by a thread for what seems like forever! Dave finally pulled it out last Monday. She was so excited to have lost her first tooth and finally get a visit from the tooth fairy.

The thrill of the chase

I was outside with the girls the other day watching them chase each other on their bikes. I remember loving the thrill of being chased. I'm sure things like that and spinning till I fell over kept me busy for many hours as a kid! :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Glad it's over

I just have to say I am so glad that this whole crazy election stuff is over. The thing I am most happy about was the Proposition 102 passed here in Arizona. It's the same as Prop 8 in California. I am so grateful that it passed, it's been really stressing me out. We had received counsel from our leaders here that this was a very important issue and how critical it was for us to get the word out and support this cause to save traditional marriage. I am so thankful for the Proclamation, the scriptures, inspired leaders, the spirit, and with that, what more do we need. I've had some good thoughts through all of this, I have realized that I cannot control what goes on outside of my home. I can make sure that I have a home where my children are taught true principles and the spirit can be felt. I can arm them with the truthfulness of the gospel so that when they leave the sanctuary of our home into the world so that they can make their own choices the way the Lord would have them choose.

A fun Halloween

The week leading up to Halloween was a pretty busy week and to top it all off my poor hubby was sick. We tried to find a night to carve pumpkins but finally just carved them on Halloween. The kids got out of school early and had a lot of fun carving them out. They actually helped scrape out the seeds this year which they always were grossed out by how slimy they were.

The boys liked that the candle gave their pumpkin a lit tooth

The girls jack-o-lantern masterpiece

Dave was able to convince the kids to dress up as things we already had stuff for, so it was nice that we didn't have to buy very much.

Kawika was excited to be able to wear his dads football jersey.
Our ward has a trunk or treat every year that has kind of turned into a neighborhood party. They had games, hot dogs, and cotton candy. The kids and I had a great time and Dave stayed home to pass out candy:( When we got home the kids spent a good hour trading candy with each other and of course they still have enough candy to last them till next Halloween!