Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Playing Ketchup

Playing catch up seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life, hmmm-not a good sign. This past month has been busy and fun. I'll post things we've been up to over the next couple days-namely Spring Break. First, our not so little Kalei turned 4! Here are four things we love about Kalei
1. She has the best sense of humor and keeps us constantly laughing!
2. She loves to take care of people and is always trying to do something nice-she also likes to tell the people she is taking care of what to do. :)
3.She loves to say the prayer and says some of the sweetest ones that remind us of why Christ tells us to be like a little child.
4. She loves animals but is allergic to some of them-namely cats and dogs. We always tell her to just look and not touch. When she sees them she'll try and sit her self in front of them and smile and talk to them, she tries so hard and you can tell it's killing her not to be able to hug them to death.

We love you Kalei! You are such a blessing to our family!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dave's weekend recreation(a.k.a. hunting)

Dave had a great time out with some friends coyote hunting this past weekend. He stays quite busy and so taking time out for some fun only comes around once in a while. He just loves anything involved with being outdoors-hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, rappelling off 1oo ft. cliffs, the list could go on forever.
One of the dangers of the outdoors here in Arizona is obviously cactus-and one you want to steer clear of is "jumping cactus". This one jumped onto Dave's leg.

Look at those lovely spines! OUCH

Pinewood Derby

Kalani just had his second Pinewood Derby. He had a great time working with his dad deciding on his design and helping cut it out, sanding it, painting, and getting it ready.

Kalani had a great time racing and came in 1st place. Great job Kalani!

President's Day

I realized I never posted pictures of what we did on President's Day. We made another trip up to the snow and met Dave's brother Jason and his family. We had a blast enjoying the snow with family! My kids love getting together with cousins. Anna made delicious chili and we had hot chocolate to warm us up after a fun time of sledding and snowball fights.

Kalani and Bryce with awesome hair do's after wearing playing in the snow.

Fun snowball fights!!

The kids built this cool fort!

Kawika having a great time sledding!