Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dave's weekend recreation(a.k.a. hunting)

Dave had a great time out with some friends coyote hunting this past weekend. He stays quite busy and so taking time out for some fun only comes around once in a while. He just loves anything involved with being outdoors-hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, rappelling off 1oo ft. cliffs, the list could go on forever.
One of the dangers of the outdoors here in Arizona is obviously cactus-and one you want to steer clear of is "jumping cactus". This one jumped onto Dave's leg.

Look at those lovely spines! OUCH


Malie said...

Ooh, ouch!I've never seen it in action.

Corri said...

Does it really jump?

Michael loves the outdoors, too. I like it sometimes, but the poor guy really hasn't gotten to do much outdoor stuff lately.
How do you feel about the outdoors?