Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Summer Fun!

I know, I know here we go again. Another update from the Brubaker clan who can never keep up(namely the mom) :). For Father's Day this year Dave wanted to go camping. So a camping we went. And I think this picture captured the essence of the fun we had. Don't those faces look like pure joy!? I love it. I think Kalei had just pitched the ball square between Kalani's eyes.
The name of the game this trip was total relaxation, good food and lots family fun!!
See I told you relaxation was in the plan. Hence the reason for all the pictures with kids in hammock. I think I got to use them once because there were always children in them. :)

We had fun playing horseshoes. Kawika beat his poor mom in this game!!

The girls had fun picking flowers.
We went and had a marshmallow war! It was great fun!

This was Kalei's face after she got me. She looks like she's enjoying getting her mom a little too much! :)
We had a fabulous time just getting away and playing!


Crystal said...

That is funny! -Eliza
That is a funny/awesome marshmallow war! - Jaran

So fun to see your pics! Love you guys!

R and R said...

Ah, the fun AZ times in the mountains. We have missed being able to go camping there with you!!

lilia said...

Oh I need to get my marshmallow guns. We all still talk about that day! what fun!