Monday, May 5, 2008

How old were you?

We were taking our kids to our date night babysitting group(which we love) and Kawika was telling Kalani that he was 11 when he had done something(I can't remember what it was).
Kalani - "Are you sure you were 11 and not 10?"
Kawika - "Well maybe I was in my late tens."
I looked at Dave and kind of smirked.
Kawika - "What's so funny?"
Which made me giggle even more.
Kawika - "People say late twenties!"
Dave - "That means like 28."
Kawika - "Oh, then I guess it was my late ones."
That made us all cracked up, especially Kalani who was laughing as hard as my mom does! It's so fun laugh with them! I don't do it often enough!


Kahilau said...

What a GREAT story. Oh my, I laughed and laughed. Just wait till I tell Uncle Mike. Your boys are so smart. Seriously can't wait till we can all get together again. Oh by the way, the other day we were at the store and Ez starts looking really sad. What's wrong I asked? I really really really want to go and play with Kalani and Kawika. So fun to have those memories! Love you all!

Kenny and Linsey said...

Kahanu! I just found your blog through Jana's - wow, how long has it been? Long enough that your kids are so big! And, they are adorable too!

R and R said...

This is a great story!! It made me laugh too!! Thanks!!