Thursday, February 5, 2009

Growing up too fast. . .

Kawika is growing up too fast. He's turning 12 this year(Aaaaah!) and will be starting Junior High this next school year. This morning Kawika and I were talking about what he wants to do when he grows up. We talked about a lot of things and these are a few things he thought would be great-
1)a professional baseball player
2)a video game creator(is that what you call them? maybe it's developer,anyway)
3)a gas station owner-preferably QT, so he could have all the treats and slurpees he could ever want.
He obviously has his priorities. :) Play all day and eat all the junk you could possibly consume. Sounds like a typical 11 year old boy to me. :)
Kawika really is a lot fun and makes us all laugh a lot. Like the time he tried to show us how easy it is to eat sour candy. It was pretty funny!


Kahilau said...

Hahaha that's is sp funny! Remember when he was just a little baby and we gave him that sour candy. It's the same face only bigger. Hahahah, that is great. He is such ham. Kawika, we love and miss you tons!

Marsha said...

I think he's a great kid! And I am his primary teacher, so I should know.

Malie said...

Isn't that weird! Leigh is turning 12 too and she's already talking about going to YW's camp this summer. She's all registered at Kahuku Intermediate (she's so nervous about it). Crazy how time flies.

The Law Ohana said...

Hi Connie! Wow it's so great that you found me! Your family is so beautiful. Yes, my how the time flies! I remember when you and your husband were dating and now here you are 4 kids later. Can't believe your (oldest) son has grown so much. He was just a baby when I last saw him!