Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lots more to update

So here goes another big update once again but first I had to share this picture of Kalei tonight. Apparently I am showing my age once again by saying really long prayers that put people to sleep. :)

Kaili turned 6 after Christmas and we had a great time celebrating it with Dave's family!! So in lieu of pictures I thought I would share 6 fun things about Kaili.
1. She has the most contagious laugh!! Once you hear it you can't help but join in!
2. She loves crafts especially scrapbooking and card making! Maybe I should have her start saving for this hobby!
3.She is an amazing organizer! If I give her a drawer full of junk I can rest assured that everything will be neatly sorted and categorized! It's amazing!
4.She loves to accessorize! Give her a belt, a cute purse and ribbons for her hair and she is one happy girl!
5.She loves to read and can often be found curled up with a large stack of books.
6. She is an awesome sister and great helper to her mom and we love her!

Happy Birthday Kiki!

We inherited some of Dave's moms canning supplies, which I was very excited for! So for FHE we bottled lemon and orange juice. The kids had a great time! (sorry for the blurry pictures-I know it's a problem)

A couple of weekends ago we had a free Saturday, which is rare around this house so we decided to take the kids up to the snow. We had a blast just spending time together! We went sledding and had fun building a snowman!

We brought a little camp stove and had soup and hot chocolate!

We had a fabulous time but I must admit that my favorite part about the snow was that we don't live in it! I hate being cold!

This past week we celebrated Kalani's 9th birthday!! Seriously! Where has the time gone?(Is that another phrase that is showing my age-yikes I need to be more careful!)
Here are 9 fun things about Kalani:
1. He has a great sense of humor and laugh! When Kalani thinks something is really funny it's not unusual to find him rolling on the floor!
2. He is very logical and systematic about things.
3.He love legos and can build for hours with his brother!
4.He loves to read!
5.He loves to play games-when he was little he asked Dave to play a game but he was busy at the moment and Kalani said "That's okay, I'll play for you." Dave said "well, okay(a little confused)" He came back a little while later and said "Dad you won!"
6.Kalani will only drink water and chocolate milk-he hates juice and soda!
7.He works really hard at school and is an excellent student!
8.Kalani loves to make people happy-when it comes down to it he would rather someone else be able to have what they want.
9. Kalani is such a fun kid-so helpful, kind, funny and an awesome brother!
Happy Birthday Kalani! We love you buddy!


Jana and BJ said...

That was such a fun post! Your kids are so sweet! I hope I can be as good of a mom as you are!

Malie said...

How fun!! I miss being able to do stuff like that. Next time we're up there, I'm gonna take a camp stove too and have hot chocolate. That is awesome!

Jennifer said...

You have such cute kids. I love the story about Kalani playing for his dad and dad won the game. Good times!!

The Law Ohana said...

The snow excursion looked like a lot of fun. Wish we could do that too. . .just for the kids to experience. I don't like the cold too. I'm already complaining about our 65 degree weather being cold! My brother who lives in Boston just laughes at me! But anyway, your son Kalani is so handsome. He sounds like a great kid!