Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter 2009

Brace yourselves, here comes another post with a lot of pictures. Each Easter helps strengthen my testimony and makes me more grateful for my Savior. Here we have the Easter Pageant, it is a huge production that shares the life of Christ and the reason we celebrate Easter. The spirit is so strong and I love being able to help remind my kids of the true meaning. This is a picture of the end where Christ appears(at the very top) triumphantly as our Savior. I am so grateful for my Savior and his willingness to suffer and atone for our sins. There is a primary song that is one of my favorites called "He Sent His Son" in it says "How could the Father show the world the pathway we should go? He sent His son to walk with men on earth that we may know." That says it simply we have it all laid before us and so many things to help us along the way given to us by a loving Father in Heaven. What a blessing!

Kaili was very cute during the performance. She kept saying "Oh I learned about that from my teacher in primary!" And then she would proceed to tell us all about it. Aren't primary teachers wonderful?!!! At one point it shows Christ being baptized and then you hear the voice of Heavenly Father saying that he is well pleased. Kaili leaned over to Dave with wide eyes and says-"Dad, that's just a speaker, right?" She wasn't sure if she was hearing the real deal. :)
The girls and I got to spend the Friday and Saturday before Easter with Dave's brother and his family while Dave, his dad who flew in from California and the boys went on the Father and Sons camp out for our ward. The Easter bunny comes on Saturday around these parts. :)

The girls with their cheesy smiles.

We love going up to Taylor and spending time with family! The boys enjoyed the camp out but were a little cold and wet. It snowed and rained, but they had a fun time anyway!!
Kalani and Grandpa shooting the air soft gun.

Kawika in the falling snow.
They stopped on their way to his brothers house at the Red Onion for some tasty burgers.

The Easter bunny left eggs for Kawika and Kalani to find when they got to Uncle Jason's house.

Before the boys got back from camping Anna took the girls and I out to lunch at a cute little place called Celebration. The girls dressed up in princess clothes and got to sip lemonade out of their tea cups. We had a great time, thanks Anna!!

After we ate our delicious lunch and sipped our lemonade with our pinkies out, the girls played dress up with the hats they had there. They had too much fun and it was cute to watch.


Corri said...

Looks like so much fun! Your kids are so cute. Sweet Kaili!

lilia said...

what fun!