Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blog Slacker

Okay so I know I haven't posted for a little bit. At first I was like well there is nothing to blog about, just the same old stuff goin on. Then I got a message from my 2 cute sisters reminding of what a blog slacker I am. You girls are too funny! So this is an attempt to get better at this.

This past weekend Dave and the boys left late Thursday night after Kawika's baseball game to the Father and Sons Campout. They were so excited! Dave took pictures on his cell phone and I still need to figure out how to get those(my middle name is technically challenged). They had a blast getting dirty, riding quads, swimming in a cool swimming hole, and staying up all night playing games and eating candy(Dave is usually the first one out!)! When they got back my car smelled like a camp fire! They had a great time and there weren't any catastrophes(like the year Dave sliced his finger pretty bad, Kalani fell in a cactus, Kawika had a big goose egg on his head, and they locked they keys in the trunk-I can't believe it happened all in one trip). They boys came back happy and filthy!
Saturday night Dave and I went out to celebrate our 12th anniversary!! Where does the time go!!?? We had the yummiest dinner at Olive Garden. On Sunday morning (our actual anniversary) I woke up a bunch of gifts that came in dozens.

A dozen of these beauties!

Just a warning this can get mushy but the gifts were so cute I had to brag about my wonderful husband a little bit!
I had to wait 12 minutes between opening my presents and each one came with a cute note.
The note said Don't you know the best things come in 12-
A calendar with a sweet treat for every month of the year
A dozen eggs-"You are 'eggsactly' what I needed!"
A dozen kisses-hershey that is-yummy cookies and creme
A dozen donut holes-"You fill the 'holes' in my life"
A ruler-"There is no way to 'measure' my love for you"
A cute desk clock-"I love you every hour of the day"
12 dollars-"Money can't buy the type of love we have"
The kids and I had a lot of fun opening the gifts. The kids were cute and sung Happy Anniversary song to us to the tune of Happy Birthday and even made a card for us! It was a great day! I am so grateful for the amazing husband I have and that we get to spend eternity together!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You two are so wonderful.

I am REALLY excited to read your blog.

emidinkl said...

I love your blog! I'm so excited to read all the happenings: )

malia said...

kahanu - thanks for the link to your blog. it's fun to see how you are doing! your kids are such a good mix of the two of you and your husband is so creative!

Mindy said...

Michael told Dave that he had to stop being so romantic, because it gives him too much to live up to. I say tell Dave to keep telling Michael all abot this stuff, cuz our 15th is soon and I expect to be happily surprised!!

porterjule said...

Dave, jason already thought you were practically perfect, and now I'm starting to believe him. Thanks for being such good examples to us. Happy Anniversary!