Friday, June 6, 2008

Boys, bats, and baseballs

Baseball season has come to an end for now, just in the nick of time as temperatures are starting to rise. The boys love playing baseball and are out in the back yard every chance they get. Dave was able to coach Kalani's team this year and they had a lot of fun. I didn't do a very good job at getting picutures of the boys, I spent more time taking video(which I still have to get off the video camera and on to the blog) or gabbing with the other fun moms there. Sorry boys!
Here is one of Kalani as the catcher(thanks Jennifer and Michael)

Kawika played on the Astros in the minor league(kid pitch). He really enjoyed having the opportunity to pitch and play first base. His team had a great season and came in 2nd place!! Way to go boys!!!!
Kawika with his team!

Despite the craziness of having two different sets of games to go to on top of everything else we had a lot of fun!!! Boys it was so fun to watch you play and cheer you on!


Aubrey Jane said...

Our softball season has just begun & Islay is on couches pitch team. Wish me luck, as I am one of the co-couches and I don't know anything about pitching a softball.

Aubrey Jane said...

OK - so it's early and I'm totally not a couch, but a coach. I thought that looked funny, but I published it anyway. It's ok to laugh - I'll be more careful.

Kahanu said...

Thanks for the laugh Aubrey, I thought maybe Islay was in a new found sport!! :)