Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lots to catch up on!

Okay so I know I said I wasn't going to be a blogger slacker but as many of you know I'm not very consistent. I do good for a little bit and then my determination fizzles. Yes I know this is a problem that needs to be fixed-obviously still working on it. So here is my update for the last little while. I'm going to do it over the next few days.
On May 17 I took Kaili to a ballet version of Peter Pan. One of Dave's students was performing in it and Kaili has been really into this ballet thing since I signed her up for classes with a few friends. She loved the play! It was so fun to spend some one on one time with her. She is so fun, very girly and loves to talk. I haven't heard her talk so much in a long time probably because she is always having to compete for my attention. She apparently has a lot on her mind. It was so fun to just listen to her, sometimes she says the most random things that just makes us laugh. Like a long time ago she told me that she and her friend Eliza wanted to be ice cream truck drivers when they grow up. What aspirations I have inspired in my children. I asked her why- thinking it would be somewhere along the lines of being able to eat ice cream whenever she wanted to-but no it was because she wanted to be able to give ice cream to all of the kids-she really does have a sweet heart. This fun night out with my daughter just reaffirmed how important it is to spend time and have "moments" with each of my children. I have been so blessed!!

The next week was the last week of school(I'll post about that later)-all I can way was it was a little CRAZY but a good kind of crazy. The Saturday after school was out Kaili had her ballet recital and it was so fun to watch her. I still haven't figured out how to post a video but when I do I will put a clip of her recital up. She loves to dance and does it all the time. She doesn't just put her clothes away- she twirls to get there. She leaps, twirls and dances her way around all day. If I call her she comes in spinning and says "what mom?". It's fun to watch but sometimes I must admit I'm like okay just come here. Grouchy mom!

Here she is with her stage makeup on. Her friend said she looked like a woman-should I be worried?

Here she is with her cute friends from the ward who also took ballet. They all did such a great job!

With dad and the other kids(I could not get Kalei to look at me or smile)
Kaili you did such a great job and we love watching you dance!

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Aubrey Jane said...

We have a twirl-er too! Isn't it fun! Islay says that she'll only take hula if she can continue to take ballet too. What is it about little girls wanting to be ballerinas?