Monday, September 22, 2008

Chicken what!?

Kawika has the chicken pox! That's right my vaccinated child has them! I won't post a picture to spare him but I will take some pictures to at least document it. Poor kid! He came to me Friday morning and said he had a couple of red dots on his chest. I looked at them thinking that there could be a slight chance, but I didn't they looked like them. His skin gets kind of sensitive and it's not unusual for him to get a rash. So I sent him on his merry way to school to apparently infect everyone. I even unknowingly sent him to expose all of the kids at our date night group! Saturday morning he woke up and had them all over his chest and back. So we took him to Urgent Care and the doctor said yup it's chicken poxes(is it s or es?-oh well)! He said this is the worst case he has seen in someone that has been vaccinated. He said it is a-typical-meaning it is not presenting its self as it normally would. I guess you usually get a fever-no fever for Kawika, they usually start on the head and neck and then move down-his started on his chest and has moved up to his neck and face, they are usually itchy(I remember feeling like I was going to go crazy)-nope not for Kawika-he's had maybe one or two itch but not much more than that. Go figure!
The good things:
-The doctor gave us some medication to help it run its course faster
-They aren't really bothering him-I don't have to buy a year supply of Calamine lotion.
-He's old enough that if I have to run somewhere I can leave him at home
-I get to spend time with my son
-He still feels up to doing things-although he can't go anywhere
-He doesn't have to go to school(this is according to him-he'll be hating it when he's trying to catch up)
The bad things:
-I worry whether my other kids will get it or not-the doctor said they could go about their normal activities and just to watch them-I've become sort of fanatic about it-checking their temperature all the time and looking for spots-thankfully nothing so far.
-I feel itchy just because thinking about them makes me itch.

I guess it's a good sign that the good out number the bad on the list!


Kenny and Linsey said...

Hopefully since he is vaccinated it will be a mild case...good luck!

Kahilau said...

Holy Moly!!! YUK! I am proud of you for looking at the bright side of things. At least they aren't itchy. Remember mom putting socks over our hands with rubber bands so we didn't scratch? I remember taking them off in the middle of sleep I was so itchy. Good luck with that and enjoy your time with Kawika. Miss you guys and love you!

R and R said...

Oh wow. I can't believe this. I really hope your other kids don't get it!! Sorry Kawika!

Crystal said...

That is so crazy! Seriously, your family should be in the Guinness Book of Records for all the crazy things that happen to you guys. Thank goodness the pox don't itch, or it would be really bad. I hope that it goes away soon, and that your family doesn't get it. :)

lia said...

Oh Kawika - so sorry what junkiness! Hope you get better quick. Love ya

Kirk and Aly said...

Chicken Pox? That's crazy! I remember getting chicken pox with my whole family when I was in 4th grade, and have fun memories about counting each other's 100's of chicken pox to see who had the most. I hope the other kids didn't get them!