Monday, September 8, 2008

Why did you not know that mom!

Okay, I have other things to post later but I just wanted to post the conversation I just had with Kaili
Kaili: Mom, on Saturday can we have a rectangular?
Me: A rectangular what?
Kaili: A rectangular.
Me: I'm not sure what you mean? Rectangular is a shape but what is it that is rectangular that you want?
Kaili: (giggle, giggle) Mom, you know!
Me: No I don't(help me out here!)
Kaili: Cereal, mom!
Now why didn't I think of that!


Kahilau said...

HELLO???? What else is rectangular? Ha ha ha! That's so funny! You have the best quotes from your kids!

Atwood Ohana said...

I love your kid quotes! I can't wait til I have ONE quote from my kid. haha. He isn't talking yet. But I love your blog. You do a great job at your posting. Your family is so cute and fun. Kahi and Mike always talk about you guys. i can tell they really look up to you and your family. take care.

BETS & VETS said...

So I came across Nia's blog, and found yours- my name is Betty Betham not sure if you remember me. But I totally remember you guys, and especially the bestest seminary teacher ever Brother Brubaker. I remember when our seminary class had a get-2-gether at your TVA apartment, and we got to visit with you and your lil baby at the time, however he is probably a pre-teen now. Anyways just wanted to stop by and say hi.

kei'sblog said...

I love all your little stories and conversations of your kids! They are great and you will be happy that you wrote them down to remember later on! They are so fun!