Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random Post

This is what happens when my kids are bored on Sunday. My kids are testing their gymnastic skills.

American Idol here we come!

Work it girl!

Kalei started taking ballet last month and loves it!

This is what happens when Kaili takes on the cement floor-can you tell who won?

Kaili sometimes has the most random thoughts-I'm sure their not random to her -but when she says things they sometimes have no relevance to what's going on. I think she's just a busy thinker. Like the other night in the shower she says"Mom don't we need a Christmas tree?" Umm, yes but not for at least 3 months-let's get past Halloween and Thanksgiving.
So the other day she says "Mom I can make my nose big and small." Really! So she proceeds to show me. . . It made me laugh and I had to get a picture!

See my nose is small. . .

And now it's big.

I love her random observations. Maybe this is what she does in the mirror, and why she takes so long in the bathroom.


R and R said...

Your kids are so cute!!

Jana and BJ said...

That is pretty darn clever to make your nose big and small like that! Your kids are so funny!

Nia said...

She's so hilarious! I love it!