Sunday, August 10, 2008

4th of July

Instead of camping out to get a good spot for the Provo parade we decided to go and watch the hot air balloons.

It was a pretty cool thing. We got breakfast at McDonald's and sat on a blanket in the field and watched them fill up the balloons and then one by one take off. I guess they actually have competitions-who knew. They had to try and drop things on targets and pop balloons. They would get points for the things they did.
Later that day the husbands took care of the kids and my mom and all of the sisters went down to the Provo craft fair. We had a great time and spent a lot of money. Such cute stuff and yummy food! We just had to try the deep fried oreos! Evil written all over it-that's one way to gain 10 lbs. in only 3 bites! Thank you hubbys for letting us go play! That night we went and watched the fireworks from Stadium of fire in a church parking lot. I just love fireworks. We probably would have gone home and done some our own fireworks but it took us an hour to drive what would usually take us no more than 5 minutes-craziness!!
The next day we went and played at the water park down the street from Kahi's house while the men went shooting! We had so much fun on the water slides and cooling off in the pool!
The next day was Sunday-thank goodness we were pretty worn out by then. We enjoyed a nice day at church and some ono(delicious in Hawaiian) Hawaiian food! We spent the rest of the day packing up and getting ready to leave early the next morning. We were sad to leave but we had a wonderful time! Thanks Kahi and Mike for opening up your home and everyone else we loved spending time with you!

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R and R said...

Wow. This looks really fun...we might have to check into it next year.