Friday, August 22, 2008

Camping at Lyman Lake

Kawika and I flew in at midnight from Hawaii. We were so excited to be back with Dave and Kalei. Kalani and Kaili were still Dave's brother up north. So the next day we packed up to go pick up our kids at Jason and Anna's and go camping at Lyman Lake. Dave and Kawika packed for camping while Kalei and I went over to our friends the Prices to help them finish packing up. Over the last few months we have had a few of our friends move and its been really sad. Change is hard and I miss having them close(my kids miss them too). There are too many things that I miss to say but I am glad that our friendships will never change.
We left for Taylor and stayed overnight at Jason and Anna's home. It was so nice of them to take care of our kids! They had so much fun! We were so happy to be back together again as a family! We drove to Lyman Lake and camped for the next few days. Jason and Anna joined us for a couple of days playing in the lake. We had a great time!
The things I loved:
-being with my family again
-nice clean bathrooms-with flushing toilets
-showers-with hot water
-a new cot to sleep on-no more deflated air mattresses
-looking at the stars
-sitting by the fire and eating marshmallows
Things I didn't like:
-BUGS, BUGS and more BUGS-now I know this goes along with camping but come on! They were out of control-like 40 ant hills, centipedes, ginormous beetles, flies galore and too many more to name.
-the muddy lake-it didn't help that I had just come from Hawaii-I don't mind being at the lake I just don't want to swim in it.
The kids enjoyed the ice cream from the little store at the lake
The kids playing with cousins in the lake

Dave and Jason enjoying windsurfing

Kalani even tried it!

So did Kawika!

We had a great time camping this summer!!

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