Sunday, August 24, 2008

You're the mom because. . .

Kalei had a doll in her arms and was bouncing it up and down like she was trying to put it to sleep.
Me: "Kalei you're such a good mom."
Kalei: "No, I'm not the mom! You're the mom!"
Me: "You're right I am the mom."
Kalei: "Yeah, because you give us time outs."
Gee thanks-It really did give me a good laugh! I guess I have a lot to work on! ;)


Aubrey Jane said...

I love kids explainations for things. They just are so funny!

Kahilau said...

What great pics of home and your kids are already so much bigger than they were when you were here. Seriously what a great time for you and Kawika to really get to know each other again. I know he will always cherish that time. So fun, keep up the blogging, you inspired me to get going again!