Sunday, August 10, 2008

Let the fun, laughs, craziness, and pure exhaustion begin. . .

After our fun visit with the Smiths we went to Kahi's. We were so excited to be able to spend a few days with family. Just think of all of the fun to be had in one house with 23 of us! So from our last reunion 3 years ago we all decided that we needed to plan more activities to do. So leave to the Kekauoha girls to over book-it actually worked out well-we didn't get to do everything but we got to do a lot and made some great memories. The first day we went up to American Fork Canyon for some fun. As small rock slide happened just after we got settled at the picnic area. So the pregnant She-ra(Kahi), He-man(Mike), and Shegyver(Nia) went off to clear the road for all of the drivers there in the canyon-so nice.
The kids thought it was pretty cool to see how big the splashes were from the rocks. This one was pretty good-as you probably guessed. Go He-man!!
We went on a very short but steep hike just by the picnic area
Kahi and her sweet little girl Abbi
Lia and her cute little man Helaman-who we also can He-man. He looks a little surprised here-maybe I really do look scary that day :)
Kalei having fun blowing all of the puff balls
My mom's dad was a Biologist at the University of Utah-he mainly studied the Mayfly. They live under rocks in streams so my mom taught all of the kids about them and they looked for them in the stream. The kids had a great time! After our little nature walk and learning about the mayfly we had a delicious lunch and then had a marshmallow war. I didn't take any picture because I was to busy shooting everyone. Pua(our designated photographer) took a bunch of pictures so I'll have to get some from her and post them later. It was so much fun! The kids and adults had a blast! There was a lot of laughing and the kids had fun ambushing the adults!

After the picnic we decided to go do some 4 wheeling. We drove to the upper lake and went through the stream a few times. The kids thought it was so much fun! I think it's a toss up as to who had more fun Dave or the kids!

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