Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hawaii here we come!!

We got home on a Monday night and then early Wednesday morning Kawika and I were on a plane to Hawaii(that's right I had one day to get us unpacked and packed again)!!!! Hooray for beautiful beaches, the warm sun(not to warm), family, friends, breath taking scenery, the cool breeze and yummy food(can't forget that-hawaiians really love their food)! We were really sad our whole family could not make the trip. Dave stayed behind with the other kids. My friends were nice enough to let my kids come over and play while Dave was at work. A few days after I left Dave took Kalani and Kaili up to his brothers house in Taylor where they stayed for the next 2 weeks. Kalei got to come back home and stay with Dave(which she absolutely loves-who wouldn't want to have their parents undivided attention for 2 weeks). Thanks to my hubby, Jason and Anna, and all my friends who were so kind to take care of my kids while I was gone! You are all so amazing!
There is a Hawaiian Cultural camp you can only attend the summer after your 5th grade year-so this was Kawika's summer to go. He has not been back since we left when he was 2 1/2. When we got on the plane he was very excited! He looked at me with surprise and excitement in his eyes and said "Mom the wing moved!" Then it dawned on me that he has not been in a plane since he was 4-he really had no memory of it. So sad-but it was cute to see how excited he was to be able to see the clouds and how everything looked like ants from way up there. I got to chat with some really fun gals who happened to be taking their boys to the same camp as Kawika. I think Kawika was getting pretty anxious to get off the plane when he kept asking when we were going to see land. The only thing I was dreading about going back home was the humidity. You feel hot and sticky all the time. You feel like you need a shower right after you get out of one. To my amazement as we got off the plane the weather was absolutely PERFECT! Not hot or muggy-just right! It only lasted for a couple of days but it was worth it!
My cousin and her family were kind enough to pick us up from the airport. Thanks Nue and Marcus! They even had yummy treats for us to eat! Nue told us that they had a keiki(kid) surf club that met that day at the beach and invited us to come. So we went and joined them and hung out with old friends. Kawika had fun paddling around on the surfboard until he cut his toe pretty bad on the reef. Bekah(high school friend) sacrificed her shirt and ripped it up to make a bandage for his toe. I felt so bad, his first in Hawaii and I take him to a rocky spot and he gets all cut up. Sorry buddy! That gash proved to be a pain in more than one way for the rest of the trip.

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Nia said...

SO FUN!!! What exciting and wonderful memories for Wika!... even if he did get hurt. Eh... tell him go big or go home! LOL! Just kidding!