Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mini Olympics

Each family planned an activity on one of the days. Dave and I were in charge of the next days activities. We decided to have a Mini Olympics, family baseball game, and a water balloon fight. Here is Dave getting everyone warmed up with stretches.

Our little Olympic parade. The aunties sang the theme song.
The kids decided to dog pile Kawika. He's somewhere under there, you can see him if you look really hard. Ezzie is sitting on his head! The kids had a lot of fun playing and running around. We had a relay race, discus throw, long jump, and shot put with water balloons. The adults even joined in! We had a great time! Once again I relied on Pua to take pictures so we'll have to do another post later.
When we had down time cousins had a great time playing together and adults had fun hanging out. The older kids had a lot of fun with the legos. There an endless amount of pictures with the kids posing in front of their creations they made.

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