Thursday, August 14, 2008

Polynesian Cultural Center

The next few days were spent sight seeing and having fun before Kawika left for the camp(Exploration) on Sunday. Thursday we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center(PCC). Thanks again Nue for the tickets!!

We had a lot of fun watching the shows in the villages. The Samoan village is always fun! Here is Cap(yes that is his name) making fire with sticks.
This is what Kawika looked like all day, we had a great time!
Here is another Samoan climbing a coconut tree.
We had fun on a canoe ride. This brought back a lot of memories because Dave used to be a canoe guide during our dating days. I'll have to dig up a picture of him.

Kawika liked throwing spears in the Tongan village!
We had fun going to all of the villages, watching shows and making things. I couldn't get him to try poi in the Hawaiian village though, we'll have to try next time.
One of Kawika's favorite parts of the night show(the big show in the evening) was the fire knife dancers. He was fascinated by it! I must admit it is one of my favorite things to watch too.

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Nia said...

That's awesome! I'm gonna need to go back when I go home.