Friday, August 15, 2008

Haleiwa, ono shave ice, and more fun!

Friday we went to Haleiwa(on the North Shore) for a fabulous day of going to the beach,

eating yummy burgers at Kua'aina Burger,
and eating ono shave ice at Matsumoto's-sorry but snow cones here on the mainland just don't compare! You can get ice cream in the bottom-oh my it's heaven! We had so much fun with Pomai and Nalia! Thanks for coming with us girls!
Saturday we went to the Swap Meet and spent lots of money. My mom was so nice to come along and be hot and tired with us. Lilia and her family met us there later and we did a little more shopping and then went to Zippys for an early dinner. They had an lego exhibit there at the mall that we took the kids around to see. It was really amazing. My boys love legos and can spend hours on end building and imagining. Kanamu was so nice and watched the kids for a long time while my mom, sister and I did a little shopping!

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Nia said...

MmmMmmmmmmMmmmmm.... SHAVE ICE!!!