Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And the trip continues. . .

We left Pua's on Tuesday and spent the day in Salt Lake at Temple Square. We were able be there last summer but didn't have time to see everything, so we saw a few more things this time. The sister missionaries did a cool demonstration to show the acoustic of the tabernacle and you really can hear a pin drop.

After seeing the Tabernacle and walking on the grounds we went over to the Pioneer Museum. It was fun to watch my kids reactions to the neat things in there, or new information we found out.
Their favorite section was the kids section of course. There were so many fun things to do.
The older kids loved going to all of the different stations. But Kalei only wanted to play with the babies. They had a cute station where you could dress baby dolls, give them a bath, and play with them. We could not get her away-which was not a bad thing. She is such a little mommy. It is very fun to watch. The only way we could get her to look at the other displays was if she brought all of her baby dolls with her. She couldn't carry 3 so she made Dave carry one and she had the other.
We enjoyed our day downtown and then headed off to my friend Jana's to have dinner with her and our other friend Maile and their kids. Jana and I grew up together and all three of us were friends in high school. I thought I got a picture but apparently I didn't so I 'll have to get one from one of them later. It was so fun to visit with them and catch up on life. We don't get to see each other often enough. Their kids are so cute, fun and grown up! Maile's girls kept us laughing and Izzy was so cute! Thanks for having us Jana and Maile!
Then it was off to see the Smiths who recently moved which we are very sad about that but we were excited to see them again. And once again I didn't get any pictures, what was up with me that day! Rachelle actually did get a couple of pictures which she put on her blog. It was so fun to visit and we just picked up from where we left off. We miss having them here in so many ways! Thanks for the fun visit!! Sorry we keep you up so late!
Then it was off to Kahi's house!!


Jana and BJ said...

What a fun summer! I'm sure your kids will remember this for many years. It was so fun to have your family at my house! You have such wonderful kids. Hey, remind Lilia to send me an invitation to her blog. Thanks!

R and R said...

You are getting closer to Hawaii!! I love Kalei and the doll!